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About Orsacchiotto

My Italian Spinone winning at CruftsI saw my first Spinone in 1999. I was at an exemption show and there was this absolutely gorgeous dog. I asked the lady what it was and the rest, as they say, is history.

I bought a dog directory and found Linda Collins who gave me loads of advice and, after months of waiting, put me in touch with Jenny Prentice who had just had a litter.

That’s where we found our Flossie (Dapplewood Florence Amber) and we thank Jenny for letting us have her.

Flossie soon took all our hearts and became known as our “teddy bear”, so it only seemed right when applying for an affix that we should incorporate teddy bear into it. And so Orsacchiotto was born (Italian name for teddy bear) in 2002.

A friend asked me to go a show with her when Flossie was 9 months old, and little did I know what that would start. I loved it, I didn’t have a clue about showing but with lots of help from Spinone friends that I had made at shows we muggled through and in 2003 at Crufts Flossie won 1st in the Post Graduation class. A day that I will never forget, you’d have thought that I had won Best in Show.

We now also have Jinny (Orsacchiotto Breath of Life) and Teddy (Orsacchiotto Parsley) both are Flossie’s offspring, and Jinx, by name and by nature (Orsacchiotto Life Ambition),Jinny daughter. It’s true what they say you can’t stop at one.

We have also taken on two Spinonis from my friend who sadly passed away. Orsacchiotto Foxy Red and Bright Gem. They will now stay with us here.

We also have several people that are campaigning Orsacchiotto in the show ring and are doing really well.

As well as the Spinonis we have an English Springer spaniel, 2 horses, 3 goats, 1 cat, 2 geese, and 1 lovebird.

I occasionally breed but my dogs are first and foremost pets and live as part of the family.

Janet Ashworth


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