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Buying an Italian Spinone

Spinoni are not suited to everyone’s life style and you must ask yourself if this is the breed for you.

Before you buy your Spinone you must think how this pup is going to affect your life. Are you ready for the upheaval a pup can cause? Please study the following ten points and then if you still want one, read on.

  1. Cute little Spinone puppies grow into slobbering big dogs. Flying drool that lands on your walls or, worse still, your guests is a regular occurrence.

  2. They need plenty of exercise on reaching maturity, however until they do reach this stage care must be given not to over exercise them until their bones develop.

  3. Are you house proud? You won't be once a Spinone enters your life!

  4. Spinoni can live until they are 14 years old and older.

  5. They are extremely good gardeners and can dig up a garden in minutes.

  6. They are good at stealing. Never leave your food unguarded - it will be gone in a second.

  7. Spinone are very sensitive dogs and don't like being left alone for long periods of time. They will get bored and become destructive.

  8. You must have a good sense of humour as your dog will have one and test yours at every opportunity.

  9. Spinoni can weigh up to 45 kgs and stand 27½ inches to the withers. They are not a small dog and like to take over the furniture.

  10. Lastly, they are gentle sweet natured animals with an almost human expression and make good family pets. They are excellent with children and form a life time bond. They will also live happily with other animals.

When you have studied these points and feel that they are the dog for you, go and see adult Spinoni in the home enviroment. Most Spinone owners will welcome you into their homes to show off their precious bundles. BUT don't go in your best clothes as Spinone love to try and sit on you and shake their wet beards all over you.

Now if you still want a puppy, find a reputable breeder (the Italian Spinone club have a puppy register) and go and see the puppies with their mother. If you are lucky you may see the father as well, but if not ask to see a picture.

Make sure both parents are hip scored (this is an x-ray of the hips and graded by the Kennel Club.) The lower the better but ideally under 13. Also make sure both parents are registered with the Kennel Club and that your puppy will also be registered. There is also a test for CA (Cerabellar Ataxia) which is 97% accurate, make sure the parents have been tested.

You may think that I am painting a bad picture of a Spinone, that is not the case but I feel you must know what you are taking on.

As the saying goes "a dog is for life, not just for Christmas"

Once you get your bundle of joy he will bring hours of sunshine into your life and you will wonder whatever you did before. They also become very collectable. You can't stop at one.

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