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Looking after your Italian Spinone

Here are some of the things I do to my spins to keep them tidy and clean.

Spinone tend to suffer a lot of ear wax, clean out regularly with a recognised ear cleaner and cotton wool. Check on a regular basis for grass seeds in the summer months.

Spinoni have webbed feet and care should be given to the area between their pads as the hair can quiet easily become compact and knotted and be quiet painful to walk on. Also after a walk, a check on their feet will show whether any foreign bodies (i.e. thorns, small stones etc) have been picked up. Nails should be checked to make sure they are not getting too long.

Your Spinone should have a daily beard wash with warm water and only use a mild anti-bacterial wash, I use a diluted solution of Hibiscrub, as Spinone tend to leave half their meals in their beards. If not washed out this could lead to infection especially in the lip folds.


I have found that regular grooming is essential to keep the coat tangle free. If you brush your dog out thoroughly once a week, the tangles will be less. Try to make sure the hair is free from around the eyes. I know a lot of people like the hairier spin but please let them see.
Spins tend to get untidy under their tails. For want of a better word "debris" seems to collect here, I always find it helps to trim around this area and keep it short.

Summertime can be a problem for the spinone coat as ticks can attached themselves and if not removed may cause your spinone a lot of misery. Tick removers are very cheap to buy and I have several all over the place, in the car, in the house and in my grooming bag.

It is always nice to have a sweet smelling dog but please remember that too many baths takes the essential oils out of the coat. Spins love to roll in the most awful things, fox poo being a favourite of my dogs. Tomato sauce will eliminate this odour. Try to buy a shampoo for harsh coats.

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