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About the Italian Spinone

The Italian Spinone is an ancient breed from Italy. There have been descriptions of Spinone type dogs going back to 500BC. There are breeders in Italy where families have maintained lines that trace right back to the 16th century.

Spinone (Spin-on-ay) is in the singular.
Spinoni  (Spin-on-ee) is the plural.

They are part of the gundog group and are a hunt point retrieve (HPR) breed.

This is hunt point retrieve. They have a working character unique to themselves covering the ground with a fast trotting gait and are able to work in woods, open land and as they have webbed toes, can work wonderfully in water.

The Spinoni came to England in the early 1980s. Mary Moore (Odivane) imported 4 and from these four comes the majority of today’s breed in England.

They were on the rare breeds list until 1994 when the Kennel club granted them Championship status.

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